Transmit data from point A to point B faster. Securely transmit data between two locations via our private network, all with a unified Ethernet protocol from end-to-end.

Ethernet Private Line delivers high-performance, secure connections between two sites. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines, and older packet technologies like Frame Relay. It is also:

  • • Ideal for mission-critical, sensitive data applications, EPL allows users to bypass the public Internet and securely transmit traffic over a private connection, backed by an SLA
  • • Perfect for latency-intolerant applications like data centre integration
  • • Enables customers to maximize application performance by assigning a higher transmission priority to the most important work flows and applications with its Class of Service functionality


 Picture1  Flexible Configurations

 Picture4  Secure, private connection

 Picture2  24/7 priority support

 Picture3  Scalable capacity