Over the last few years’ network computing has becoming an increasingly vital business tool. In the past, only access to mainframe data and applications was considered to be mission-critical. But now a number of client/server data applications have become even more critical for efficient business operations. These applications include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, new generations of specialized functional business applications, web-based information access for intranets, extranets and the Internet, and e-commerce.

As businesses mold their operational procedures around these applications, the availability of the servers and networks on which these applications reside becomes an absolute necessity for normal business operations. In extreme instances, such as for web-based retailers, the network is more than just the computer, the network is virtually the entire business infrastructure.

Because of high availability networks is increasingly being importance, we offered our customer a Wireless WAN as a diverse and a cost effective backup network connectivity.



 Picture1  Automatic Fail-Over

 Picture4  Secure, private connection

 Picture2  24/7 priority support

 Picture3  Scalable capacity