A fast Internet connection that delivers a consistent, positive customer experience can provide a significant competitive advantage. The network you’re connected to must meet your most demanding online business needs with proven, reliable performance.

E-World Communication provide its customers with high-performance, business grade Internet access for their applications, online content and website with a seamless Internet access through various technologies that offer a wide range of data signaling rates (speeds). Our IP network is purpose-built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible up to 10 Gbps backed by robust service level agreements.

We offer cost-effective network service in various types and speeds. You’ll receive connectivity that can:

  • • Support your applications
  • • Extend the reach of your VPN
  • • Connect telecommuters to your main office
  • • Provide remote access to your WAN environment
  • • Quickly transfer large amounts of data
  • • Support global connectivity


 Picture1  Symmetrical data transmission rate

 Picture4  Domain Name System (DNS)

 Picture2  24/7 priority support

 Picture5  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing

 Picture3  Static/Public IP addresses