It is no longer “just” about TV, it is about every content and functionality.

The traditional Broadcast content complemented with everything available through the Web – Youtube, Catch-up TV or streaming services and the content brought by your guests on their devices or stored by them in one cloud or another.

With our IPTV / IP Video solution, you building or hotel have the possibility to present your brand in an impressive way, to strengthen your in-house marketing while providing guests state of the art entertainment technology including streaming from personal devices.

Our solution offers the ideal balance of its innovative technology, combined with a lot of know-how, experience and a true understanding of the Hospitality industry and its unique requirements



CCTV Solution


CCTV is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life. For accurate and evidential quality capture, the identification area is key to any systems deployed. Our solution starts with elegant and functional low cost systems that still have highly functional interfaces and excellent optics on the lens, through to very sophisticated systems that integrate with access system and building services. We have highly technical solutions with advanced features such as advanced camera and lens solutions, intelligent video analytic, and large storage array manage systems.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage can also be referred to as an electronic poster. Modern LCD or plasma screens changed the advertising world displacing the need for printed posters. There is no other type of media that has forecasted such an enormous growing rate as Digital Signage. Looking at the advantages makes it clear why this is the fact.

Stable user-friendly technology for hardware and software is a fundamental requirement. But it is not everything, or do you judge a newspaper by its paper quality? Digital Signage is a marketing topic. Therefore, the content has to fit into this special form of presentation.


It is not TV. No one would watch a 40 second spot without audio in a supermarket. And of course it is not a printed poster. It would be a shame to Digital Signage as a presentation form for static messages. The technical possibilities set the stage for borderless forms of presentation. But too much do-it-yourself can as well be contra productive. Today we are used to high end composition – where semi-professional design can therefore be detrimental to your image.

The motto is therefore ‘feed the beast!’ – with high class content, that shows and uses the advantages of Digital Signage. This is where we want to assist you!